Don’t look towards the sky, not all Angels have wings. Yes, some of them are just a call away!!! This is a testimonial for the entire Family of BNI Gurgaon Region. Couple of weeks back, when Gurgaon was under curfew and no public movement was permitted, I was going through a situation in my personal life when my Tai ji (aunt) was in ICU for 12 days and I had to take rounds of the hospital every day for hours. Her ailment was so critical that she required some particular component of the blood in huge quantity. We just had a short window of 3 days to collect 54 units of blood, which meant that 54 persons had to physically visit the hospital in Gurgaon to donate blood. All I could think of, was to seek help from my BNI family. Manish D’Souza from my chapter immediately swung into action and collected the information of members who were willing to support. Manish was constantly in touch throughout the process. I can’t thank him enough, and also several others… Neeti Macker who was the first one to reach with her husband, Pavi Bhasin who organized the curfew pass and came all the way from Delhi with his brother, Nikunj Khator, Ravish Kanujia, Amit Diivedi, Tarun Bansal, Aditya Bhotika and many more members from other chapters who came forward. Trust me on this, had it not been for BNI, it was highly impossible to collect 54 units, during such a pandemic situation. Thank you BNI for teaching us the importance of THE HUMAN TOUCH in whatever we do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Saurabh Sharma
BNI Gurgaon| BNI Sanskruti
Power of BNI Connect to foster collaborations during Lockdown! I come from a family that has been into food processing for almost 90 years. We manufacture canned & frozen food products for our clients that primarily comprise of leading 5 star hotels, restaurant chains such as Subway, Cafe Coffee Day among others. We also have a small presence in the retail market under our brand Handi. When the lockdown was announced, like many businesses, our business was also impacted. 99% of our clients had to close down and even today over 95% aren't operating. We had to shift gears and focus on the retail segment of our business as retailers were the only clients operational. I started working on BNI Connect to come up with details of members that were operating in the frozen food space. Through BNI Connect I was able to connect with a member based out of Ahmedabad who was into distribution of frozen food products to the Food Service Space. In the next 3 months, we touched base on multiple occasions and developed strategies to revive our businesses through the retail segment. In June 2020, he finally decided to collaborate and take the distributorship of Handi products for the Ahmedabad market. It has been a great learning experience of using BNI Connect to grow our business. It takes time, perseverance and commitment and at the same time we ought to be adding value to those we intend to collaborate with. Thanks to BNI connect I was able to open up new markets for us and I will continue to use this trusted network to grow mine and my fellow members businesses.
Karan Bhargava
BNI Gurgaon| BNI Achievers
Where there’s BNI, there is always a way! It was in early May 2020 when the entire country was in a lockdown and movement was completely prohibited. My daughter who was studying in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) had been stranded there alone for two months now and the tension was getting to all of us. I had tried all means of getting her back home to Gurgaon but nothing was working. It was then that I reached out to my ED Arti Kochhar and Sr. DC Heena Handa. They immediately got into action and connected me to Arpan Agarwal from Sparx chapter who runs a taxi service. Within 12 hours, Arpan had worked his magic. As things progressed and I prepared for my journey, I got desperate calls to bring along another young girl, a sub-major’s daughter, who was stranded in Gurgaon. Not to be deterred, Arpan quickly mobilized his contacts and organized two passes from the DC’s office for both of us. This 16-hours nonstop journey was an adventure that I’ll likely not forget my entire life! Anxiety ran high, more so as Ahmedabad was under total curfew with movement heavily restricted, and we were two women travelling alone through the night and had to pass through multiple police check points in various states during the journey. Finally, we reached our destination in the morning, but not before more drama unfolded. As news of our journey spread, more requests started pouring in from my daughter’s friends and our army contacts. Of course, Arpan was on the job with his meticulous planning, and within the next 3 days he arranged three separate vehicles, and DC permits, to bring back a student, a professor, and two elderly ladies stranded at Ahmedabad. I don’t have enough words to thank Arti, Heena, and Arpan, who helped me get through this ordeal. As I look at my daughter sitting cosy at home, I’m flooded with relief and gratitude and remember Heena’s words about stepping out of your comfort zone and building lifelong relations.
Dr. Major Meenaxe
BNI Gurgaon | BNI Incredibles

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