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India Consults works with small to mid-size business owners who are ambitious about growing their business, increasing its value and taking home a lot more money. We joined BNI about three year ago. At that time, it was not clear how BNI could help increase the business and the initial period was more to evaluate if the network delivered what it promised. I can now say with confidence that BNI has not only helped us increase our visibility but also helped develop new business relationships that would not have been possible otherwise. In addition to developing new customers for us it has also provided a source of reliable service providers that are used by India Consults for itself and to provide value to its customers.

Energizers Chapter.


I am Suchi Gupta, Director at Pure Design Solution, representing Digital Marketing at Stars Chapter. My journey with BNI family started long before I joined it. After moving to Gurgaon in 2012 and setting up my operations here, I was faced with the challenge of entering Indian market and establishing a presence for the company. My first client in India came when I was a visitor in a BNI Chapter and so were they and till date the client is associated with us! After joining BNI as a member in 2015, we have been able to grow our base in India by over 30% in less than a year. BNI has served as a platform for me to build powerful relationships, learn the art of doing business and above all bring credibility and trust through the givers gain philosophy.

As I get ready to enter the second year of my BNI partnership, I am already experiencing the ripple effect through second and third level referrals. My commitment to my chapter is to truly become 'A Giving Member' and help my fellow stars to be successful. Giving today Gaining forever.

Stars Chapter.



I am the director at Fit for L.I.F.E and we provide complete mind body soul preventive health care in India. We work with patients dealing with lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Auto Immune conditions etc. through practical and natural methods.

It does not happen too often that you believe in something and you see it happening to you, around you and through you constantly. I am talking about “Interdependence.” In my experience spanning across more than 25 countries and working with people from over 40 nationalities, I believed in Interdependence, trained people on it and tried to live it. Until I saw it all coming together in BNI Gurgaon region. The region’s able leadership under Rakesh and Arti is continuously working towards making the business community learn to Farm rather than Hunt. Besides this, my company has grown big and is growing further due to an amazing transformatory concept I learnt in BNI, BE-DO-HAVE instead of HAVE-DO-BE. What that means is

● Be a Big Company
● Do what it takes to be a big company, and then
● You will Have a big company.

Using this philosophy my company has already grown to more than 500% its size before BNI and we have also expanded to two cities.

Thank you BNI Gurgaon, Rakesh and Arti for helping me live a dream of working towards India Being healthy!!!

Fit for L.I.F.E
Everest Chapter